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The Sailors: Amateur British & Irish Yachtsmen Before World War One

C. Fleming Williams, 11 April 18?–?

Clifford Roger Fleming Williams. Commissioned a 2nd Lieut. in the Royal Flying Corps—there's a mention in the Gazette (29785–13 October 1916) of some probationary 2nd Lieutenants being confirmed in their rank including C.R. Fleming-Williams. Later noted as being at the School of Military Aeronautics as an Assistant Instructor where he becomes a Lieutenant (29934–6 February 1917). After this noted as being promoted to Captain and full Instructor on 20 of June 1917 (30179). Within the Technical Branch he's then promoted to acting Major on 11 July 1918 (31143). Finally, demobilized as a Captain on 28 May 1919 (31478).